These states provide a comprehensive overview of the different stages a transaction may go through, allowing for better tracking, management, and resolution of any issues that may arise during the process.

StateFinal TX StateExplanation
COMPLETEDyesThe transaction has been successfully processed.
DECLINEDyesThe transaction has been rejected, often due to issues such as insufficient funds, security concerns, or other reasons preventing successful processing.
CANCELLEDyesThe user or system has intentionally terminated the transaction before its completion or transaction got cancelled automatically due to timeout.
CHARGEBACKyesThe transaction was marked as a chargeback, this process typically involves several states or stages, which may vary depending on the payment processor or bank.
ERRORyesThe transaction has encountered an error during processing, and further action or investigation is required to resolve the issue.
CHECKOUTnoThe transaction is in progress as the user is currently in the process of finalizing the payment or action.
RECONCILIATIONnoThe transaction is under review or reconciliation, usually involving checkState request.
PENDINGnoThe transaction is awaiting further processing or approval. It is in a temporary state and has not been completed or declined.
AWAITING_WEBHOOKnoThe transaction is waiting for a webhook notification.
AWAITING_REDIRECTnoThe transaction is waiting for a redirect action, typically in scenarios involving online payments where users may need to be redirected to another page for additional information.
AWAITING_APPROVALnoThe transaction is pending approval, often in scenarios where additional authorization is required before completing the WITHDRAWAL transaction.
AWAITING_RETURNnoThe transaction is awaiting a customer return from the external API interface.
CASCADING_CONFIRMATIONnoThe transaction is undergoing customer approval for next provider within cascading list.